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About Ramah Middle / High School

Welcome Back!

We are making changes to our new website.  We will have great information to share with you soon!


School Supplies

Students at all GMCS schools will receive the school supplies and class material they will need.  This is the second school year our district leadership has made this possible to help parents with the expense of these items and that we want to help in moving your student forward.  School supplies will be issued to students in classes once the school year begins.


7:30 am                               Teacher’s arrive


7:30 am                               Teacher’s arrive

9:40 am-9:43 am               First Bell/Passing/Tardy   

7:45 am-7:48 am               First Bell/Passing/Tardy

9:43 am                               Breakfast

9:53 am                               (10 Minutes)

7:48 am                               Breakfast 

7:58 am                               (10 Minutes)

9:53 am

                                              1st Period

                                              (35 Minutes)

10:28 am

7:58 am

                                              1st Period

                                              (51 Minutes)                      

8:49 am

10:28 am-10:31 am          Passing/Tardy                            

8:49 am-8:52 am               Passing/Tardy

 10:31                                  2nd Period

 11:06                                  (35 Minutes)

8:52 am

                                              2nd Period

                                              (51 Minutes)

9:43 am

11:06 am-11:09 am          Passing/Tardy

9:43 am-9:46 am               Passing/Tardy

11:09 am

                                              3rd Period

                                              (35 Minutes)

11:44 am                               

9:46 am

                                              3rd Period

                                              (51 Minutes)

10:37 am

11:44 am-11:47                 9th-12th passing/ Tardy

10:37 am-10:40 am           Passing/Tardy

11:44 am-12:14 pm          6th-8th Lunch

                                                       4th Period   (30 Minutes)


10:40 am

                                               4th Period

                                               (51 Minutes)

11:31 am 

11:47 am-12:17 pm          9th-12th Mentoring

                                                        4th Period (30 Minutes)

11:31 am-12:01 pm           6th-8th Lunch

                                                         5th Period  

                                                         (30 minutes)

12:14 pm-12:17 pm          6th-8th Passing/Tardy

11:31 am-11:34 am           9th-12th Passing/Tardy

12:17 pm-12:47 pm          9th-12th Lunch

                                                       4th Period                                                     (30 Minutes)

11:34 am-12:04 pm           9th-12th Mentoring

                                                          (30 Minutes)

12:17 pm-12:47 pm          6th-8th Mentoring

                                                        4th Period (30 Minutes)

12:01 pm-12:04 pm           6th-8th Passing/Tardy

12:47 pm-12:50 pm          Passing/Tardy

12:04 pm-12:34 pm           9th-12th Lunch

                                                         5th Period  

                                                          (30 minutes)

12:50 pm

                                             5th period

1:25 pm                              (35 Minutes)

12:04 pm-12:34 pm           6th-8th Mentoring

                                                         (30 Minutes)

1:25 pm-1:28 pm              Passing/Tardy

12:34 pm-12:37 pm           Passing/Tardy

1:28 pm

                                             6th Period

                                                       (35 Minutes)

2:03 pm

12:37 pm

                                               6th Period                                      

                                               (52 Minutes)

1:29 pm

2:03 pm-2:06 pm              Passing/Tardy

1:29 pm-1:32 pm                Passing/Tardy

2:06 pm

                                             7th Period

                                                       (35 Minutes)

2:41 pm

1:32 pm

                                               7th Period

                                                         (52 Minutes)

2:24 pm

2:41 pm-2:44 pm              Passing/Tardy

2:24 pm-2:27 pm                Passing/Tardy

2:44 pm                              8th Period

                                                       (35 Minutes)

3:19 pm School out for students  

3:30 pm   Teacher’s leave



2:27 pm                                8th Period

                                               (52 Minutes)

3:19 pm School out for students  

3:30 pm Teacher’s leave

4.0 Credits English ( Typically English I, English II, English III, English IV)

4.0 Credits Math ( Typically Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, 4th Math)  (1 Credit MUST be Algebra II or greater)

3.0 Credits Science  (Typically Physical Science/Physics, Biology, Chemistry)  (2 Credits MUST be laboratory Sciences)

3.5 Credits Social Studies ("History")  (1/2 Credit New Mexico History, World History, American History, Government/Economics)

1.0 Credit Physical Education

0.5 Credit Health1.0 Credit Career Cluster OR Language  (Typically a "Technical" course, but also Art, Drama, Etc.;  Language means a non-English Language)

7.5 Credits of Electives


*One of the above courses MUST be Honors, Advance Placement, Dual Credit, OR Distance Learning)You will earn 0.5 credits per class per semester WHEN YOU PASS YOUR CLASSES!!!!

To earn a diploma, you MUST pass all of the sections on the (PARCC) Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers test and/or the New Mexico Standard Based Assessment (NMSBA) AND End of Course Examinations in sections not otherwise tested OR meet alternative demonstrations of competence

Advisory School Council Members:

Lanny Ray: Principal

Miles Killian: Staff Representative  RHS Counselor

David Gibbons: Staff Representative

Daylene Myers: Staff Representative

Alander Seoutewa: Parent Representative

Feather Lewis-Seoutewa: Parent Representative

Brenda Jymison: Parent Representative

John Lewis: Community Representative

Benny Cohoe: Community Representative

Monica Yazzie: IEC Representative