Ramah High Hybrid In-Person Learning starting February 9th, 2021

  • Busses arrive at 8:45am
  • Bus riders will enter through the North entrance where they will have their temperature taken and attendance marked.
  • Parents will drop off students at the main South entrance for temperature and attendance.
  • Two staff members will be at each entrance taking temperatures and attendance.
  • All other teachers will monitor hallways and cafeteria/gym as needed to keep students from gathering and not meeting social distancing guidelines.
  • All students will report to the cafeteria for breakfast.
  • All staff will be on duty either in the cafeteria, gym, or hallways.
  • Bathrooms will be limited to no more than one student at a time.
  • Upstairs teachers will call Janice before sending a student to the bathroom.
  • Downstairs teachers will call Margie before sending a student to the bathroom.
  • Students will not be allowed to use the bathrooms during passing periods.
  • Students are required to be in dress code everyday.  Polo's (Maroon, LIGHT grey, white, pink, purple. Jeans are allowed but must not have rips or tears in them.
  • ALL Social Distancing policies MUST be followed.
  • Masks that are not allowed:
         1.   Masks that have vents or valves.
         2.   Bandanas
         3.   Scarves
         4.   Neck Gaitors
         5.   Face Shields
All classrooms and all areas of the school will have hand sanitizer available. Students will have assigned seats in each classroom. Desks will be cleaned after each class. Face masks will be available if a student does not have one of their own. School will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each night and during the day. Signage is placed throughout  the school to remind students about all Covid safe practices.
Parents do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting signs of being sick. If a child shows up exhibiting symptoms they will be placed in an isolation room and parents will be required to come pick them up.
Ramah Mid/High would like to welcome students back and would like all students and parents to know that every effort will be taken and adhered to so a safe enviroment can be maintained. We realize school will be somewhat different than past years but know that every effort is being made by the school and GMCS district to provide a safe learning enviroment for students and staff.